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Things You Should Know About PTSD.

A flight or fight reaction is typical whenever one is subjected to harrowing experiences. This is how nervous system responds to such situations naturally. Your nervous system in most cases will be up and running in a few days. If this fails to take place, there is a likelihood that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has set in. Though this is a condition that may make one feel helpless, bear in mind that there is PTSD treatment to help you out of the rut and continue enjoying life as before.

PTSD never appears the same in all people because our ability to cope with stress is wired differently. It usually takes hours or days for symptoms to present themselves. However, in some cases the symptoms will never be evident until after several weeks, or even months. A typical symptom of PTSD is re-calling bad events in the past through nightmarish dreams and flashbacks. Keeping off areas where the trauma happened highly suggests that you might be suffering PTSD.

What is the relation between the nervous system and PTSD? There are two ways the human nervous system reacts to danger. Mobilization being the first whereby you will either run away from danger or confront it. As a way of remaining alert, your heart pumps more blood. Once the danger is gone, the body returns to normal thanks to the nervous system that lowers the heart rate.

Immobilization is the second category whereby you find yourself stuck even after the danger has passed. The nervous system fails in achieving a normal state. It is at this stage that you now suffer PTSD.

It is imperative to learn of ways that can help fight PTSD. Exercising is a good way of achieving this. Dancing and swimming are great workouts that help you switch from stressing thoughts since you will focus how your body is feeling. Trying out martial art is also ideal due to the body movement involved. An exercise of 30 minutes daily will be of immense help.

It is crucial to adopt healthy living. Yoga and massages are some of the techniques that can assist in helping you relax. Avoid alcohol for the reason that it not only interferes with treatment for PSTD, but it might worsen the symptoms. Diet is another crucial element that places you on the right track. An omega 3 rich menu, such as one containing fatty fish, is beneficial when it comes to matters to do with emotional health. Avoid processed foods for the reason that some will contain ingredients that could cause energy fluctuations.

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