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Benefits of the House Call Doctors in Los Angeles It has been over 10 decades since most doctors stopped visiting homes in the USA to deliver services to patients who needed medical assistance. At present very few of them still operate in this manner as most have resorted to be at the comfort of their offices. A major reason for this change would be the emergence of complex medical equipment and the growth of cities which makes it difficult to reach a patient’s home. These factors also mean that it is more cost effective for patients to visit doctors rather than do it the other way. Patients who are old and weak may find it very difficult to go to a doctor despite doctors finding it difficult to visit these patients. Heading to and from the hospital won’t be an easy task for them. When there is need for preventive treatment, most of the people end up forfeiting a visit to the doctors. Since people don’t consider themselves ill in such situations, they don’t bother much about visiting a doctor. Such a situation calls for doctors to visit homes to reduce the number of people who are missing out on immunization. At this point in time, it is becoming more certain that call doctors are needed as it were back in time. It would however take a lot of convincing to ensure doctors agree to visiting their patients at home rather than having them come at the hospital. One of the major factors that could bring hindrances is that travelling to a patient’s home would require more time and money. Despite these hindrances there are ways that the system can be implemented.
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Doctors on call will tend to save more lives, especially when a patient is in a critical condition. These physicians will arrive equipped with portable x-ray machines, plenty of drugs, and other tools for treatment that they would use to make the patient’s condition better. With technology making it easier to access portable versions of these equipment, the process wouldn’t be that difficult. A doctor may come with a laptop or a phone and together with an x-ray equipment, he or she can take photos of injured places to detect fractures among other complications.
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With doctors on call, there wouldn’t be situations where patients have to be rushed from home to the emergency room. Doctors will be arriving exactly at the home or wherever the patient is and begin immediately offering aid depending on the problem they are suffering from. Also, patients who are getting medical attention from home have the freedom to communicate to the physicians and have all questions, including the most confidential ones answered.